Design Process

Step 1 - Measurements

What size furniture do you need?

Tables - A good rule of thumb is to leave 3’ on all sides of the table to allow for people to comfortably move their chairs back. Also see our Table Guide.

Bar Tops - Figure about 2’ wide per person or bar stool for commercial applications and a little less for a cozy home bar. Width should be about 16-20”, however some home bars are 12-16”. 

Step 2 - Style

What style of furniture are you wanting? Solid Slab, Book-Match, River Table, Bar top, Live Edge, Straight Cut. This helps us guide you in the right direction of your slab selection  

Step 3 - Select 

What type of wood are you looking for? We offer a wide variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods. Some species may be wider while others may require 2 slabs to get your desired width. Some species may have little to no cracks while others may require epoxy.  

Step 4 - Details 

What style of furniture are you wanting?(Solid, River, Pour Over) What type of side and edge finish are you wanting? (live edge, river or straight edge) Epoxy Color. Do you want any laser/CNC design on the table top or underside? 

Step 5 - Finish

Do you want a more natural look? Matte is the way to go. More sheen, satin. Superior protection for high use moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchen counters, pour over is the best option.  

Step 6 - Base

We have several metal base designs in our catalog as well as different color options. We can also help you design a custom base or choose a color that is not available for an upcharge. Or you can get your own base and we will finish the top and have it ready for you to install at your home or office.

Step 7 - Delivery & Install

Let us know if you will be picking up your custom piece or if you need us to Deliver and/or Install. Delivery & Installation will be an additional upcharge depending on distance from our store as well as placement location inside your building

Step 8 - Estimate

Once we gather all the needed information we will send you an estimate within 3-5 business days. We will place a hold on the slabs you picked out for 1 week. Please review our policies on the estimate. If you approve the estimate you are agreeing to those terms & conditions

Step 9 - Approve your Estimate

Once you approve your estimate, we will receive a notification and then send you an invoice. A 50% deposit will be required to hold your place in the queue. We will give you an updated estimated timeline for completion. Keep in mind that with custom projects delays may occur so this is an estimate and may be subject to change 

Step 10 - Wait

We know, the hardest part! Custom projects take time, planning and even waiting on our end. Epoxy needs time to cure and the finish needs time to cure. We want to make sure your piece is perfect. We may have questions during the process to make sure your piece is exactly how you want it. Any delays in responses may add more time to the finishing process. 

Step 11 - Completion!

Once your beautiful custom piece is finished we will get in touch. Then you can pick up your piece or we can schedule a delivery. Our favorite part of the entire process is seeing our satisfied customers' faces when they see their finished pieces for the first time. 

Step 12 - ENJOY

Look at your beautiful piece and enjoy nature inside your home or office. We personally think it’s satisfying. We’d also love it if you leave us a review. As a local family owned small business we rely on reviews from customers.

Live Edge Wood Slabs & Custom Woodworking in Fortville, Indiana